Well if you are like me, comfort and elegance are the two top most qualities I look for before deciding to buy a given outfit. Nothings spells this out more than this pants- Pallazo Pants.

Pallazo pants always work for me, they are stylish, chic, elegant ;I mean I could go on and on with an endless list of adjectives just to get my point home. Pallazo pants are my definition of brilliance in the fashion industry.

They are like some upgraded version of sweats( when comfort is in question). The most exciting part is how you are able to achieve different looks just by pairing up the pants with different “tops”.

Today we will be talking about the different ways you can style your pallazo, depending on the look you want to achieve and the occasion in question.

So don’t be shy to try something different. Experiment, experiment, experiment! If it doesn’t make a statement why bother right??

1.Bandeau/Tube Tops

This works best if you want a rather chilled easy, casual look.

A bandeau is like a magic pill when it comes to pallazo pants. This look is bold,edgy and reeks of confidence. If you are however more conservative you could throw on a denim/leather jacket to this look.

If you are wearing a belt with your palazo pants, you could Also try accessing this look with the same coloured head scarf as the belt for that extra pop. Again when it comes to fashion, creativity is key.

So don’t be shy to try something different. Experiment, experiment, experiment! If it doesn’t make a statement why bother right??

2.Scarf Tops.

Scarf tops [photo/courtesy]

Just like belts, scarfs are a must have accessory in any girl’s closet. They not only come in handy on those cold or bad hair days but also can be worn as a top by simply folding your scarf in twos.

Be careful to form the triangle shape. Knot the edges at your back and as easy as that you have yourself a top.(there are a number of ways to style your scarf into a top to be discussed in my next article).This look is most suitable on those hot sunny days.

3.Plain Tee

V neck Tee with colourful pallazo[photo/courtesy]

The beauty of this pants is that they literally can go with anything including that tee you only think of pairing up with your jeans.

I love tees and this is why, they are very flexible when it comes to experimenting. There’s a variety of different ways you could wear and design them to achieve that chic look.

You could wear the tshirt and tuck it in, throw on a belt, your denim jacket, sun glasses and your favourite sneakers. Easy right?

Or you could simply just wear the tee as an off shoulder and knot it at the bottom and there you have it, you ready for class, or that event you and the girls have been dying to attend

Credits to Kate, Fashion Cop

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