Creating  a name is hard and requires several sacrifices and demands. Loosing a brand because of misconduct is way easier. A one minute mistake could subject the whole brand name to jeopardy.

Great men have fallen into the abyss of failure and regrets over very flimsy reasons that they could have easily avoided. Lets look at a few reasons why great men have been subject to loosing their lifetime works.


Power is great. And most people crave for it. When most leaders have tasted power they tend to feel like they own they own the world. They are above the law. Take for example our Kenyan politicians. Most of them are always humbled when it comes to seeking votes from the electorate or when it nears electioneering periods.

This immediately changes then moment they get the power, when they clinch the seats. They develop a sense of entitlement. They begin to pass laws that are in their favor,increasing their allowances and their perks .

This sense of entitlement is detrimental to the life of any leader. A change leader looks for change,knows how to find the right changes and knows how to make them effective,both outside and inside the organization.


A leader can calmly handle pressure, decisions, and intense challenges for months or years. But one day blow up and do a lot of damages – sometimes so much that it can not be repaired.

Anger has made men fall. Its always okay to acknowledge anger when you feel it and think about why you are feeling angry. Control what you say, what you do and what you react to inappropriately by thinking how to respond in the right way.

3.The Sex Issue

Most ladies are attracted to success, influence , power and self confidence. Certain women are definitely attracted to power and not looks. Powerful men have been turned into sex objects who often have women chasing after them.

Men are natural yes persons to womens proposals and demands. This includes venturing into the pornographic world which leaves most men drained and unfocused. Most bosses are prone to infidelity and this interferes with their integrity and respect.

4.Stress and Pressure

It is not stress that makes us fall, it is how we respond to stressful events. As long as you really believe what you are doing is right, You can cut through fear and exhaustion and take the next step.

Stress has been a major slow down to most leaders. Reducing their thinking capabilities and delivering levels. It works Up someones mind and increases unnecessary pressure.

When one has exhausted their mental and emotional resources, they no longer rely on themselves.

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