In my previous article 3 Ways Of Styling Your Pallazo Pants To Achieve Your Desired Look I highlighted on how you could turn your scarf into a top.

Being such vast topic I thought it wise to do a whole new article for it. So this is a sequel to my previous article ( if you haven’t read it please do).

I’m no wizard but I promise the tips I’ll be sharing with you today will definitely blow your mind away. You can relax I meant that in a figurative way…

When it comes to must have accessories in any girl’s closet; a scarf tops that list. It not only protects you from cold on those chilly mornings but it could also give your outfit just that befitting pop if used well.

There are a number of ways to style your scarf into a top. To give them that elegant look, flexibility when pairing them up and their pocket friendly sense. They are awesome right?

In all this looks if you are not comfortable with your nipple popping out you could try using some diy tricks and tips such as using a band aid to cover the nipple.

You could wear the scarf top with palazo pants, a skirt, some sweats, shorts, etc. Basically this is a top like any other and the choice of ‘bottoms’ is endless.

I will however share with you some simple tips and tricks on how you can best style them.

1.The Belt

This look is edgy, elegant and wild like that red lipstick you love to wear as a show of confidence and power. What you will need for this look is your scarf and a belt.

Pay particular attention to the colour you pick, make sure your belt and scarf blend in terms of colour, pattern and print.

For this look simply allow your scarf to drape falling from your neck to your waist( all depending on the length of the scarf), then using your belt- tie it slightly below your burst and you are ready to go.

2.The Triple Knot

For this look you will need two bandanas and a safety pin (optional).

This look is as simple as they get. You do know what they say about simplicity being sophistication though, don’t you?

All you need to do is fold both bandamas to form a triangle shape, then knot one of the pointy parts behind your neck, the other behind you back and the other at your chest at the bridge that separates both your “girl”. The bandanas are supposed to cover your boobs.

This look should look something like the attached photo.

3.The Back Knot

This look is a simpler version of the triple knot. All you need is your bandana folded into a triangle shape, cover your burst and knot it at the back. You are supposed to form a triangle shape, the pointy part of the bandana facing towards your bikini area

4.The Double Knot

For this look all you need is your scarf and about two safety pins.

Like in the very first hack, you will let the scarf drape from your neck. With the flowing pieces of the scarf you will tie them either ends at your back. The left side draping scarf will cover the right side and the right will cover the left forming some kind of a cross on the front Like in the photo below. Then you will use the pins to secure the free ends on your sides.

5.The front single knot

This look is my all time favourite in terms of comfort. Its super super and I stress on the super comfortable bit. I’m a sucker for comfort.

So all you need for this look is your scarf. You can try using that left over ankara fabric that you’ve been wondering what to do with. For this look, all you have to do is fold your scarf into two. Then placing it on your back, tie it at the front.

Disclaimer! (tie it in a way that doesn’t make it look messy) you could also use a rubber band to reinforce it at the front. Then form a bow with the remaining fabric or make a bun out of the remaining fabric and you are good to go.

In all this looks if you are not comfortable with your nipple popping out you could try using some diy tricks and tips such as using a band aid to cover the nipple. We will however go into the nitty grittys in my next article.

There you have it lovelies 5 unique ways to style your scarf into a top. I hope you find this helpful till next time xoxo.

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