Effective Body weight workouts are exercises or strength training exercises that only requires ones presence and determination. No gym equipment is required.

In this article I will be discussing lightly the various benefits it brings forth and  top tier body weight exercises to do this January.

Advantages of body workouts

Its Cost Effective : As a matter of fact , it is free. You do not need fancy gym equipment to make sure you train properly. All you need is little space and a minimal amount of time dedicated.

Improved strength :  Using your own weight engages various muscles in the body improving blood flow and a healthy circulatory system.

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Increasing flexibility: This is because they engage major muscle groups due to various range of motion which engage the  body and movement of joints thereby improving flexibility.

Having mentioned just but a few advantages, I will list some of the best exercises.

  1. Push –Ups

This always comes on top of the list.

push ups [photo/courtesy]

Lower your body towards the ground  and then explosively drive up by fully extending your arms.


Make sure your core is locked to do effective and quality reps.

Your butt should in straigh line not raised upwards.

Do not let back bend or slouch while doing push ups.

  • 2. Planks

This is a core strenghth exercise that involves holding and maintaining a position for a particular amount of time.

It is grateful for core performances.

  • 3. Sit-ups

Is an exercise performed to strengthen the abdominal area and also burns fat.

Lie on the floor with your back and knees bent. Holding behind your ears using your hand, pull your self towards your knees as you will feel some burn in the abs.

Breathing is important while carrying out this activities therefore should be considered keenly.

  • 4. Squats

Stand feet apart and toes pointed out in-front. Squat down until thighs are parallel to floor while keeping your back and chest straight for maximum explosiveness.

Stand up and down repeating the procedure for reps that suits you best.


~Reducing risk injury.

~Burning calories.

~Helps with mobility and balance.

  • 5. Wall-sit
Wall sit [photo/courtesy]

This is a core quad routine that engages front muscles of your thighs and builds muscle endurance.

You lean on the wall with your back and be in squat position where knees and hips are at right angle.Keep holding in position for about 30-60 seconds and you can repeat the circle several times.

Benefits : Strengthening glutes and quad.

  • 6. Burpees

A challenging exercise that is somehow a combination since it involves doing a push up, squat then followed by a leap in the air.

Benefits: Full body work-out; Boosts cardio fitness and burns fat.

  • 7. Mountain climbers
Mountain climbing[photo/courtesy]

Virtually climbing the mountain ? Yeah, absolutely correct. This exercise is performed by being in a push up position and pulling legs towards the chest, and then alternating the legs while increasing the speed as you keep alternating.

It works out the entire body and raises your heart rate thereby providing heart health benefits.

It offers great rewards in developing endurance and core strength because of the several muscle groups engaged.Note while doing the alternate movements not to bounce on your toe to cause injuries.

Lastly, the exercises above do not require specialized equipment. Therefore , you got no excuse not to exercise and enjoy the gains.

Keep in mind consistency and self discipline ‘dieting’ is the key to unlock the locked goals.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

By Arnold Paxman

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