A four letter word that has been misunderstood and misused by many.

In the olden times our great grandparents were never given the chance to get acquainted with their spouses to be. Especially the ladies.

Husbands were assigned to young underage girls. In fact bride price started trickling in the moment a girl was born. Girls were also a security to debts. Failure to pay a debt by a parent would lead to a young girl getting forcefully dragged into marriage.

One would marry a total stranger from another village and they would have to live with that fact for the rest of their lives.

The modern time has given us the opportunity to choose the type of person we want. Get the chance to know them. Understand them and decide whether or not they are the right choice.

Before marriage there are three steps; dating, getting into a relationship, courtship and finally marriage. By the time one gets to the last stage they will have known what they are getting themselves into.

Well movies deceive us pretty much. We see from the movies that their is love at first sight. I don’t deny the fact that some are there but let’s not embrace movie scripts most of the time.

Normally we rush to say I love you and I love you too just because we seem to arrive.

Caroline Mutuko once told girls at a conference,”never arrive.”

By arriving you will not dream anymore. You will not have more wants and you will never develop. A quick dose to a life that you never desired.

As youths we rush into settling without knowing your spouse all in the name of love. Remember love does not feed. Neither does it bring success. We end up settling with violent people because we skip some stages. We arrive’.

After a short period we get tired of each other. End up in fights where some end up killing each other and staff like that.

Come to think of it. What if we do everything right and not rush?Remember good things take time and a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Being hasty in decision making just ruins everything.

To cut the long story short. Before using those words take your time. Think and rethink again before saying them. You might end up saying them to the wrong person.

Love can be both a poison and a jewel.

Be wise!

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