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Oduor Victor

Chief Editor

An enthusiastic young journalist. Born and Raised in Kenya. Writing is a passion, a field in which we learn everyday.

Among other things I do includes;

~ Social media management,

~ Photography,

~Marketing and Public Relations

~Creative Advertising

JaydensTM becomes my first accomplished major project.

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Kate Njambi

Author: Fashion and Lifestyle

Sugar spice and everything nice I think I am. I’m more of spice than sugar though. I’m more of fire than ice.

I’m a cocktail of both good and bad and I own it coz well perfection is a facade and more often than not we tend to hide the parts about ourselves that matter the most.

I am a model, I’ve won 4 titles within a span of less than a year(slaps chest). I’m also a student taking a BA in counseling and psychology and from time to time write pieces about fashion.

I’m an art enthusiast and for me fashion is art and art is fashion we really can’t separate the two. I believe in honesty, loyalty and service delivery.


Caroline Njiraini

Author: Sweet Erotica

Fondly known as secret puppy. The writer behind your favourite stories that arouse the pornstar in you on JaydensTM.

I’m a 23 year old whose adventures in pleasure are well beyond my years. When life blessed me with a partner as exploring as I, we discovered the beauty of love making. An intricate balance of lust and love, ass grabs and cuddles.

Dont break hearts, break beds.

When I’m not making your girls wet and straining your men’s pants with my erotic stories, I’m beating my face as I indulge in my second love, make up.

In a world where sex has been turned into a mere transaction, I want to bring back the heat and intimacy that has long been forgotten by many.Something that will hopefully have you yearning for never ending articles.

Dont break hearts, break beds. I look forward to sharing my lustful experiences and arousing fantasies with you.

I love hearing tales of how this stories bring warmth to your entanglements, relationships and marriages.

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Ruth Jakait


Let it never be said, that I did not know for I never tried as I was afraid. Let it never be said, that people’s opinion shaped my decisions for a lifetime.Let it never be said, that I did not heed that voice of reason.Let it never be said, that my fear of disappointments clipped my wings and I failed to fly.For fear can be a great motivation or a cause of regret…JAKAIT .A. RUTH

It’s kinda tough to always be in competition whether you’re aware of it or no. Shedding off the layers of pretense is as relieving as taking a skinny deep in the middle of summer for the weight resembles armour. When I said give me a break half the time I was damn tired, the other half all care was lost. So yeah I feel you…your pain, your struggle and your triumph. It may not seem like much to offer at the moment but it’s all you need. Someone to see you. I do#CallMeAmarket…

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Omondi Brian

Author: Entertainment

When it comes to celebrity gossips, latest movies and their reviews, all the nasty that comes with celebrities, you are at the right place.

I specialize in ensuring we are updated with the most trendy, hot and captivating news stories in the entertainment docket.

Brian is a Journalism and Mass Communication student at Masinde Muliro university, kenya. Writing is a passion as well as a career path. It’s always an honour to be part of this awesome and superb team on

Apart from blogging, I am a facilitator at Turning The Tides Initiative; an NGO movement that aims to solve societal problems through non-violent means. Besides that, I also work with pro-life movement that serves to protect human life from any threats.

When am off the clock, I love to read poems, watch movies and cycling. Am also a sociable character that loves to meet new friends.I adore photography since I tend to feel connected to nature, my friends and myself.

Spoiler Alert, I write poetry when am emotional. Am obsessed with latest phone models in the market and I love all who loves my features.

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Arnold Paxman

Author: Fitness,Web Development and Technology

Born and raised in Homabay County,Kenya, Arnold is a passionate web developer who believes in developing secure websites and creating intuitive and dynamic user experience.

Cyber Security in general and creating awareness to the public on why online security is important is my area of keen interest.

I am a Computer Security and Digital Forensics student at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University.
Besides the technical skills, I am also a highly motivated fitness freak who likes working out.

Keeping fit not only makes me feel good but also healthy. It helps me being active since programming involves a lot of hours sitting in front of my computer.

I specifically cover fitness and technology related articles due to them being my areas of passion,concern and also trying to give my readers what will benefit them positively.

Among the many projects in plan include an upcoming personal website and an almost done portfolio.

Because learning never stops, it makes me ready to explore new ideas and suggestions that will in turn
help me develop ideas and keep me growing as an individual.

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