I was standing infront of him wearing nothing but a smile.Holding his face in my hands I could see nothing else but pure adoration, so tightly intertwined with lust,you could barely tell where one started and the other stopped.

He smiled before kissing my flat stomach, his cold lips contrasting sweetly with my warm body.I wanted him all over me.

Cupping and squeezing my cheecks gently from behind, he gave me sloppy kisses right below my ribcage.The ripples of pleasure from his touch traveled to my uterus and a pool of wetness formed in my vagina.


Incase You Missed

When he nibbled gently on the flesh and moved his pinky towards my vagina from the back, I could barely suppress the moan stuck in my throat. ‘Aaahh’ the moan escaped my parted lips.

He lifted his eyes to meet mine then brought his right hand fingers infront of my vagina and let it slide across it.Smiling sideways mischievously, he slid his ring and middle finger inside my vagina.

Agonisingly slow he curved them into a come here’ motion.

`Mmhh’ I whimpered,digging my nails into his shoulders.

He stood, tagging at my walls with it, his tall frame towering over me.I almost collapsed from the pleasure of his fingers lifting my vagina towards him, as his palm teased my clit.

When he drilled his eyes into mine as if searching my soul then lowered his mouth towards mine, I knew, in that moment, that all hell had broken loose..

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