As we cruise through life,we often find ourselves soul searching for people we can cling onto for companionship. People we can rely on in good situations and troubling times,primarily for happiness.

At one point in time,you must have found yourself in a love affair. Either obliviously or you just shot your shot.Either way,you fell madly in love with someone’s daughter or son.You’re not the first homo-sapien sapien under the sun to love.

Through hell and high waters, you live a life together all in the name of love.Isn’t this what everyone wants out there? Yes!Happiness for the two of you.

Without doubt,we have friends of the other gender. A situation unavoidable cause we interact daily and build bridges as we look into a future. It is through associations that we lay foundations for good networks.

One day as you are strolling, appreciating what nature has brought,your better half,soulmate,call him your pompous pumpkin introduces you to friend of his; “Babe,meet Jane, a VERY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE.”

In the succeeding days,your charming boyfriend reiterates how good Jane has been for the longest time now.”Babe,Jane is really good at video games.” Jane this Jane that.

Daughter of Abraham, don’t be an imp. That’s a red flag!Or are you waiting for Timbuktu drums to rain melodies from the west reminding you that’s your co-wife?And by extension, a counterpart who helps you empty your Hubby’s gonads?lol.

Jane was your boyfriend’s ‘BEST FRIEND’.With the going,it momentarily dawns on you that Jane and your Alejandro are having an affair. Who’s laughing now? How did you fall for the trick?You’re now left there crying a river flawlessly.

Alejandro can’t have best friends sis. You should be the best friend, and that’s why you’re in that relationship.

Let me make it marksmanly clear.That 7/10 ‘best friends’ of opposite sexes have either met in the 4 by 6’s or at one time instigated sexualized actions.

Let’s not hide away from reality.There’s nothing best friends can’t do.This is someone you’re undoubtedly free with.

Have a best friend selectively from your gender if you want to avoid some unavoidable circumstances.

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