Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has been missing since he made his controversial speech against the government. Jack accused them of limiting and stifling innovation and entrepreneurship in China.

This was after the government made some regulations that limited some operations of his famous online trading company Alibaba. The government slapped the company by suspending $37 billion Alibaba Ant Group fintech arm.

‘’I think he has been silenced,‘’ said Duncan Clark, chairman of Beijing-based tech consultancy BDA China.

Jack Ma also missed his final entrepreneur episode that he was to act as a judge. The scene that was set up in November saw him being replaced by another character, Financial Times http://Financial revealed.

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma [photo/courtesy]

However, Alibaba spokeswoman told Reuters on Monday that the change was due to a scheduling conflict. He however concealed most of the information that was expected by the public.

News coverage on Jack Ma’s absence triggered speculations on social media platforms such as twitter. A platform banned in China. However, there is sophisticated censorship in social media in the Mainland china.

China is in fact considered to have one of the most extensive censorship regimes in the world.
Chinese regulators have issued tough guidelines on Ma’s businesses since his controversial speech against the government regulations on October.

The government has launched antitrust probe into Alibaba. It has also ordered Ant to shake up its lending and other consumer finance businesses. This includes the creation of a separate holding company to meet capital requirements.

This has led to Alibaba’s Hong Kong share to fall by 2.5 % on Monday. For business to run effectively and to be successful, it has to have the right manager and that is what Alibaba is missing currently.

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Since his anti-state state speech in late October last year, Jack Ma has raised a lot of questions concerning the Chinese government;

Are the Chinese still locked in the era of the emperors ? Where one has no freedom of expression or may be Jack Ma did not follow the right legal procedure regarding the issue?

Why is the government trying to censor Jack Ma‘s Alibaba firm yet it generates the highest revenue to the government?

And lastly, why has Jack Ma gone silent all over sudden?Most of the netizens speculate that Ma has been silenced by the government.

‘’I think he has been silenced,‘’ said Duncan Clark, chairman of Beijing-based tech consultancy BDA China.

‘’This is a pretty unique situation, more linked to sheer scale of Ant and the sensitivities over financial regulation,’’ he said.

Ma has not been in any social media platforms for almost three months now. An action that follows his criticization against the country’s ‘pawnshop’ financial regulators and state-owned banks in his speech and called for a reform.

Jack Ma [photo/courtesy]

The business fraternity and all those who loved his financial episodes Africa’s Business Heroes would love to have him back on stage.

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