It had been almost five minutes now. I had taken the time to clean up a little and dry off and now had to go back to him. My heart was beating a little slower now. Walking back into the sitting room as casually as I could.


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I found him pouring wine into a tall glass and scotch into a thick one with cubes. After my little pep talk in the washroom,I had decided to let go. I was going to give this man something to reminisce about.

He came to the couch where I was now seated, handing me the glass of wine. My legs were crossed over and my yellow strappy dress had pulled up my legs, showing a tempting amount of thighs. He looked at the exposed skin and clenched his jaw. It was definitely doing something to him. My bad!

Seconds later, he recieved a business call. I could tell from the seriousness in his voice and the crease of his brow.

‘Hey Susan’ he said to the caller.

‘Slowly’ I pleaded.’I’m sorry’. As wet as I was, he had to thrust a few times to get all the inches in. I was going nuts.

I decided that this was my moment to shine. He was standing in front of me. I gave him a coy smile and put my wine on the glass table and started caressing his dick over his pants. For a second there, he couldn’t talk and disguised that by sipping some scotch.

I continued touching him, revelling in the feel of his erection growing bigger and bigger.’Yes, I got intouch with the clients from Germany.

“They uumm.. they said they’d be relocating soon’ he croacked, barely able to articulate his words.

When I was satisfied with how hard he was, I bent over in front of him facing away from him in a doggy position and pulled my dress to my waist, leaving my cheecks barely covered in the lace white thong I had underneath.

‘Yes, we’re ummhh, ahem, looking into that but ummhh it’s been a little hard to aahh..mmhh start the project without their physical presence ‘


He was trying to keep his voice toned but the tremor in it was crystal clear.

‘Yeah yeah we talked about that too and….’

He trailed off as I started grinding my ass against his very hard erection, stealing glances at his face to see his reaction. He looked as though he’d seen a ghost but couldn’t find the strength to save himself.

‘Ummhh yes..Once the paper work is done… errmm we aahh….we should up and rolling ‘ he attempted to answer, the glass in his hand gripped so tightly it was a wonder it didn’t break.

I turned and looked up to him with the most innocent look I could feign then pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders, pulling it to my waist as I looked into his eyes.

‘Tony,are you still there? Tony? Hello?’ The voice on the other side asked and I couldn’t help but laugh at his dazed look. He snapped back to reality.

‘Yes yes. Sorry about that, I’m still here. Uumm is it ok if I uumm give you a call once I check with them about payment?What do you think?’

At this point, my hands were on his waistband teasing at the idea of unzipping them while I licked my lips.

‘Sounds good. Are you sure everything is ok?’ the caller asked with concern laced with humor.

‘Yes, yes. I’ll give you a call later’ he replied and immediately put the phone on the table.’What are you doing?’ He looked frustrated but the humor in his eyes betrayed him. ‘Nothing ‘ I replied rising up to perch myself on the top of his couch.

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When I tried to pull the straps of my dress back on my shoulders, he knelt before me on the couch, stilling my hands.

‘Why do you do this to me?You know you drive me crazy and you just keep doing it’. He glided his hands to my small waist then to my ass and cupped my cheecks roughly, albeit in a good way.

Our lips were now inches apart. Stroking his beard, I pulled closer and teased his lips with a light kiss, it was almost like we didn’t touch and whispered in his ear ‘But that’s the whole point’. I sucked his ear lobe and chuckled as I pulled away, only for him to grab my neck and crash his lips against mine and devour them hungrily.


After what felt like an eternity, he stopped and we both breathed in deep like we had been under water. My heart was pounding so hard. I think he heard it. He took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked gently. Looking up with eyes filled with passion so tightly intertwined with lust, he clenched and unclenched his jaw like the last of his restraint was leaving his body.

He started sucking again as he fondled the other boob, twisting the nipple gently as I pulled him closer. I bit into my lower lip savouring the pleasure I was bathing in. He kept at it until I couldn’t help bt moan, holding his head in place to continue with his sweet torturous injustice.

Moving his hands behind my back, he unzipped my dress and pulled it down to my feet. He then lifted his head from my chest and took his time to feed his eyes to the glorious view of my body. His hands glided up my legs and thighs to my ass and waist, up my rib cage and unto my boobs taking his tym there, then up my face where he squeezed my cheecks affectionately.

I couldn’t help but blush. How could a man still be this gentle after driving him nuts? He kissed me again, so softly my heart fluttered. Keeping one of his hands of my boob, he led the other between my legs, making my breathe catch inside my throat. Pulling the thong to the side, he teased my clit with the middle and ring finger, sliding from how soaky I was.

With an agonizing slowness, he slipped both fingers into my vagina and started fingering me. When he started making the ‘come here’ motion with them, I almost passed out from pleasure. My hands were barely grabbing onto the sofa. I moved my hips to the rythm of his fingers, moaning so loud as my eyeballs turned white.

‘Tony pls’ I managed to croack.

He trailed small kisses from my lips to my neck, down to the spot below my ribcage and in between my legs. He went down on me and started sucking on my clit. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. I was lost in the abbays of the pleasure he was giving me, I could only arch my back wanting, craving more.

‘Aahhh…baby please…mmhh..’

He only went harder while he looked into my face, his need to pleasure me fueled by my reaction to his touch. He was sucking, digging, grabbing my ass as I finally felt an electric wave from the back of my brain running to my clit. The orgasm hit me hard, I was shaking from spasms of pleasure as I slid back to the couch on my butt, eyes closed as I bit my lip.


I felt starved of air. As the final waves hit me, I regained a little strength to open my eyes. He was staring at me smiling, holding his soaked hand up in front of me as my cum dripped off his fingers.

‘I’m not done with you yet ‘I could barely resist.

He carried me off to his massive bed and laid me on the soft duvet then proceeded to undress until he was standing naked before me. I smiled at how much his face showed he wanted me. It was such a turn on. Kissing the length of my feet, he caressed my thighs and slided the thong off my ass. I welcomed him with open legs, ready to feel him inside me already.

That’s all the welcome he needed as he caught my lips in his, kissing me leisurely. I could taste pineapples from his lips, which I had been eating in plenty that week. Sliding his hand down the side of my body, he led his dick inside my vagina, which had me gasping, snapping my eyes open.

‘Slowly’ I pleaded.’I’m sorry’. As wet as I was, he had to thrust a few times to get all the inches in. I was going nuts.

He was already hitting the spots within the first few thrusts and as the top of his dick grinded my clit, I came in a matter of minutes. He lifted one of my legs onto his shoulders and drove even deeper, harder with no mercy. I was gripping the sheets hard, pulling and tagging at them as if they could help me catch my breathe.

‘Baby girl ‘I heard him as if from a distance in my hazy mind.

‘Yes baby’ I murmured arching my back so far of the bed as I moaned louder and louder.

He went faster, carressing my boobs, choking me with his thumb inside my mouth, moaning deep inside his throat as I felt him stop suddenly and climax, gripping my waist so tight like he was in pain. He then collapsed next to me, taking deep breathes with his eyes closed.

I kissed him softly and slow as if time had stopped for us. It wasn’t long before a peaceful sleep took me as I held him against my chest, soothed by the soft rise and fall of his chest against my belly. I stirred awake much later to find him still sleeping. He looked so peaceful. Like a baby, but a big one in his case.Haha.


It was dark outside. I had to leave. I didn’t want to. This felt heavenly, only it was so complicated. How could something so good last for such a short while? Should we do this often knowing neither of us wanted anything more than this and continue hurting each other because it would never be permanent?

As if sensing my restlessness, he raised his head dragging my mind back to the feel of his warm body. Looking up with half closed eyes, he pulled me closer and smiled. ‘Hey…

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