‘What are you doing?’

I had been in deep slumber until icy cold hands woke me from my overly hangovered sleep.

“I want to eat you out’ he said digging his hand into my lingerie dress to give my boobs playful squeezes while pressing my nipple between his eager fingers.

Last night had been hazy. We had gone out, six of us, and emptied bottles bottom up until the wee hours of the morning. I could barely recall how we made it to our hotel room and the fact that I couldn’t open my eyes without squinting, meant it had been a good one.


‘What are you doing’ I asked again, this time a little more awake.

We had collapsed in the bed ,going out like a light the moment our heads hit the cottony pillows and silk sheets. I was in his arms facing the creamy wall that reflected the sun’s rays, bathing our room in a soothing light that promised nothing but a beautiful summery day ahead.

His hands, however, were tagging at my thong, trying to pull it off my ass, foretelling a dark tale of lustful and passionate intentions. I held his hand still, floating back to reality that it had dawned.

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“I want to eat you out’ he said digging his hand into my lingerie dress to give my boobs playful squeezes while pressing my nipple between his eager fingers.

I laughed at that. That’s not such a bad way to be woken up, I thought.

‘You’re crazy.’ I answered, smiling with my eyes closed and moved my hand from his to continue with his sweet intentions.

‘I’m so tired’I murmured.

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‘Allow me to fix that, will you?’ He coaxed running his hands up and down my arms as he kissed my slender shoulders.

‘Mmhh’ I murmured, half asleep now.

In seconds, the covers were thrown away and he was between my legs. He kissed my calves as his hands meandered the little curves of my ass and slipped off my thong. His mouth was on my lips, giving them wet, long kisses as he breathed in deep while laying on his stomach before me, his arms wrapped around my thighs ready to devour me.


‘Stoop’ I slurred attempting to resist as I tried to lift his head.

He took my hand in his and intertwined them.The warmth of his tongue on my vagina felt like the first dip into warm water after being rained on. I couldn’t help but smile. The gentle tags on my clit as he licked it with his tongues tip had me rewarding him with soft moans as I lifted my hips to glide myself against his mouth. He was watching me. When my eyes weren’t rolling to the back of my head, we’d lock eyes before he had me reeling with pleasure from the wickedness his tongue was playing between my legs. He paused to make sure I was watching and wet his middle and ring finger with his tongue, then slipped them in me agonizingly slow.

I bit my lip as my head fell back from pleasure. His mouth followed slurping, sucking on my clit while his other hand teased my nipples. The sleep that had once tugged at my eyelids was so far gone. He would be gentle one minute with warm kisses, his tongue moving in lazy maddening motions around my clit then he’d be digging so deep into me with his fingers in a ‘come here’ motion while making small torturous circles on my clit with his thumb until my back was bending so far the bed I thought it’d snap.

‘Please… ‘

I moaned, raising my head to meet his unforgiving gaze, begging breathlessly for him to stop or give me more, I could barely fathom. I was losing it. My body felt numb. He kept going harder,sucking harder and thrusting faster and teasing with a such an intensity I thought my body was going to shut down. I could feel all my nerves on every part his fingers and mouth touched.

I was moaning uncontrollably, cussing, trying to escape his torturous mouth but the spams of pleasure running from the top of my head to the tip of toes and bursting between my legs left me weak, unable to move.

‘Fuck yes,don’t stop please,yes,ughhhh’ I cried as I felt my body shudder.

The orgasm rocking my body so hard I collapsed back on the bed. I was gasping for air while trying to force my lungs to work. Spasms hit me as I tried to swallow to moisten my dry throat from the loud moans. I was gripping his head, still between my legs, with one hand on his on my breast. He was patient, waiting until the last of my orgasm finished wrecking my body.

My mind felt foggy, like I was dreaming, a dream way too real, but all that cleared when I felt his sweet lips on mine murmuring,

‘Damn.You really are sweet.I should do that more often.’

I could only smile and agree silently.

‘So I’m guessing you’re awake now huh’ he asked laughing then dug his hand in between my legs ‘…and very wet mmhh ‘.

‘Stooop’ I exclaimed blushing into my pillow.

He chuckled as he trailed kisses on my back and the back of my neck, his hand neither moving nor teasing anymore and soothed me back to a light snooze.The next thing I remember was his erection nudging the small of back.

‘Good morning’

he purred into my ear, biting the lobe as he pulled me closer to him so we didn’t know where one started and the other ended.

I couldn’t tell how long we had been asleep but I was sure about one thing. We were just getting started. It was about to get really hot..and loud…

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