“Good afternoon, I’m here to see your CEO, please.” I said smiling coyly with nothing but bad intentions tucked under my belt.

‘Apologies maam but he’s preparing for a meeting and won’t be seeing visitors until tomorrow.’ was the receptionists’ polite but firm reply.’

“Please tell him its Caroline. The CEO of CANJI collections.” She looked a bit shocked, embarassed even, for a second, then walked from behind her desk.

‘Apologies maam. He’s expecting you. This way please.’

‘I bet he is’ I thought to myself as she led me to his office and opened the door. He looked up agitated then smiled when he saw me. “For a second there I thought you’d refuse my invitation again.” He said lightly.

‘I had contemplated it,’ I said as I lifted myself on my toes to recieve his warm bear hug. He was a big man, in all aspects. He stared into my eyes for what felt like an eternity and clenched his jaw like he wanted to utter something but decided against it.

‘Angie,no visitors. None whatsoever!!’ he ordered into his intercom.

‘So..how’s business?’ he asked smiling.

‘Pretty good.’I croacked out my voice barely audible.

All I could focus on was his lips, so gorgeous and supple and a little too close to my face. I could barely breath. ‘I was hoping we could grab some ice-cream, blueberries and strawberry, your favourite – then go change for dinner…but I don’t think “he can wait that long.’ He purred into my ear as he guided my hand to his pants which threatened to rip anytime now from his erection.

He let go of me and walked to the door. I could barely hear the locks from the wild beating of my heart. I swallowed hard and in a split second he was behind me. Led me to a chair as big as his personality and sat me on his lap.

‘I’m in so much trouble…’

I thought as he touched my thighs in feather like strokes. I turned around and straddled facing him as he grabbed my bare cheeks..well almost bare,under the dress.

His breathe stuck in his throat as he looked at me like I had just cut the last cord holding his restrain together. ‘Fuck! ‘ he muttered under his breathe as he pulled my thong to the side. His lips were on mine devouring them with such a ravaging hunger it caused waterfalls between my legs.

I was working on his zipper but my trembling hands wouldn’t let me free his throbbing manhood. He had unzipped my dress and was giving me little bites followed by his tongue as if to sooth them but that only fanned the fire in my belly. I unbottoned his shirt in a haze. I needed his body touching mine. Craved it with such intensity it shook me. I glazed my hands up his chest and arms marvelling at how well toned they were and that they were holding me. He grabbed them to his neck and took my nipple into his mouth.The warmth shocked and aroused me so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

His hands followed fondling them as he gently bit and sucked on them. I was going nuts. I had to have him inside me. I unzipped his pants and felt the silk warmth of his hard erection in my hands. He stopped, clenched his jaw so tight I thought it would snap as he looked at me with eyes full of tenderness laced with lust, like he knew he was at my mercy.

With my thumb, I teased the space between the head and the shaft causing a little tear to fall from it.

‘Please’ he begged.

For me to continue or stop, I didn’t care. He lifted my hips as he pulled me to him and he slid into me, causing me to gasp with pleasure and agony from his size.

‘Oh shit!’ he breathed into my ear.

I was swept away by pleasure as he grinded me against him. I lost myself in him and by the time I could recollect my thoughts, it was dark outside. ‘Abel, I think everybody is gone….

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