Ben Maurice popular as Othoul Othoul gasped his last breath on Sunday at KNH. He died of brain tumor.

For years he made East Africa smile during his presentations. You can’t mention comic legends and fail to mention him.

He was also a sports lover, his green suit that signified his patriotism told it all.

The news of his death spread like wild fire interestingly some didn’t know of him and others never knew that he was suffering.which leaves a big question and topic of discussion do we appreciate local content and artists?

How many kenyan movies and comic show have you watched? That is a thought for another day.

Othoul died surviving on a monthly stipend of ksh 10000 issued by the president to caution our artists against Covid-19. Indeed the cost of treatment is high and sucks out all the savings.

Rest in peace othoul, like a servant of the people you played your part, made us love and helped many manage their mental health. Forever in our hearts.

By Oscar odeny

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