The Corona virus pandemic though deadly has given the deputy president of Kenya Hon. William Ruto much desired breathing room. Scandals have been temporarily forgotten as concentration to fight the virus magnifies .

For a country with a lot of graft issues we sure do have leftovers as money is being coughed up to try and cushion economic struggles, with the poor shouldering the burden as always.

The political temperature has simmered significantly as more heads are considered better than one. With the anthem that brought at loggerheads many leaders ‘The Building Bridges Initiative’ touche quieting down for the moment.

Some say it’s for the better because the only building it was doing was breaking down communities and politicizing agendas that the public had not participated in implementing. Thanks to Corona I guess for abating a disaster from the common mwananchi.

Another astonishing fact is the speed at which the Chinese government is being requested to morally review collection of their dues. We do not let things go to waste.

My question is how is that for the benefit of citizens or to the fight against the virus? Is this just another opportunity for players to pocket those funds? Because no one is laying down the course of action in case their is a possibility of the Chinese having pity on us you know.

Well the presidents and his deputy’s pay cut by 80% is a much welcomed initiative but at times one is left to wonder how all this benefits the low income earners who live from hand to mouth

An Opinion.

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          1. Yes, it will escalate. We had about 50 in my state 2 weeks ago. Now we are over 600.

            Thanks for reading! I also enjoyed looking over your posts.

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