In his highly awaited address yesterday 28th September 2020 at the KICC building in Nairobi President Kenyatta stated that the CS Education will issue a calender once they decide on the “how” part of schools reopening. Probability being 2021.

On September 20th, Education task force formed by Education CS Magoha settled on October 19th as the date for reopening of all basic institutions of learning. In fact the minister called upon all teachers to report back to school to prepare for the phased reopening.

President Uhuru Kenyata. [Photo/courtesy]

” Teachers can start to prepare to report back to their schools to make them habitable before students report. And at that time we will have phased reopening with priority given to exam classes. Infact technical colleges are likely to reopen soon.” He said.

Both the President and the CS seems to be reading from different scripts with each giving out details that are not specific. However, Uhuru asked Kenyans not to focus much on the when schools will be opened rather they should focus on how the lives and health of their kids can be sustained.

“As we progressively de-escalate the containment measures and resume a sense of normalcy, on education our paramount consideration both as the government and also as parents is the safety and well being of our children.” He stated.

“The lives and the health of our children is not a matter for debate. Learning institutions therefore should only be opened when we have and can sufficiently guarantee the safety of our children.” continued the President.

The Ministry of health guidelines for reopening of schools are far fetched and most schools are incapable of reaching the standards.

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