Today is holy Saturday, the moment between the Crucifixion and Easter morning. Nothing much is said of this day in scripture so we are left with contemplating what must have been going through the minds and hearts of Jesus’s disciples. But these were not mere students. These men and women loved their Rabbi. They were friends, brothers who had shared and saw much over the three previous years since they heard the words , ‘follow me’, from Jesus’s lips. Here they were consumed with a grief that clouded out the words , and in three days I will rise again. They were living in the moment between the evening of Calvary and the dawn of the resurrection.

On this day, unlike our brothers then, we live with the full knowledge of an empty tomb, the dawn of a new age, a hope eternal. But we too long for a day promised. A day clouded by the sorrows of this life causing us to forget the Angel’s words, as you have seen Him ascend into heaven so shall He return again. Let us take time today, before the joy of Easter morning, to feel the absence of our Savior, longing for him to return and take us home.


Writing for the edification of the body of Christ.

Esao Brandon Omondi

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