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~ Mr Kosgei Was diagnosed with Laryngeal cancer.

~ The Family appeals for a public fundraising to foot a chemo/radiotherapy bill of upto 1 million.

~ Sharing is part of contributions. Send contributions to 0725558670 – Faith Chepchirchir

Mr. Kosgei [photo/courtesy]

Former Cheribisi Academy Head Teacher Mr. Wesley Kosgey has made an appeal to the public to come to his rescue in covering of a laryngeal cancer medical bill of upto one million shillings.

Mr Kosgei who has been a happy and healthy man throughout his life as her daughter Faith narrates, started experiencing voice difficulties during his final masters degree presentation.

‘He was doing a presentation at the university when suddenly his voice turned hoarse. ‘ writes Faith. Mistaking it for a normal sour throat, Mr Kosgei embarked on a series of self treatment using natural medications like ‘tangawizi, lemon and ginger.

This natural remedy seemed not to work as speech difficulties increased rapidly.

Remember, even sharing will be a blessing. Mr Kosgei through his daughter Faith appeals to the general public to come in their aid to raise the medical  bill. Send your contributions to      0725558670   ~~Faith Chepchirchir

Cancer Shock

The discovery journey was a long one with Mr Kosgei visiting different doctors since the sour throat started causing speech difficulties.

A first diagnosis saw him be given a set of antibiotics to try reduce the pain. This bore no fruits as everything seemed to escalate nonetheless. Increased voice difficulties prompted another search for a remedy.

Seeing the same results with two different doctors, Mr Kosgei sought help from an ENT specialist at Top Hill Hospital In Eldoret. He was admitted and underwent a surgery.

Faith’s narration [photo/courtesy]

A biopsy procedure was done and results taken for histology. After a long fortnight wait, the shocking results came back. Mr Kosgei had been diagnosed with Laryngeal cancer stage II. He is currently scheduled to start a chemotherapy/Radiotherapy session at Eldoret Oncology centre.

A Big Blow

Just like any normal family, receiving such news always becomes so detrimental both mentally, physically and emotionally. This wasn’t different with Mr Kosgei’s Family.

“This kind of news was a great blow to the family. It was never expected to be so. It’s so devastating because cancer is a terminal illness.” Faith continues to write.

“Everytime I think about it am just sad but when I see my dad am optimistic he is going to get well. He and mom are very hopeful which also gives me the hope of him getting well.” She finishes

Public Appeal

An invite to a fundraiser [photo/courtesy]

AIC Cheribisi Local Church together with the family has since formed an organising committee to drive fundraising towards raising the medical fee of upto 1 million.

The fundraising will be held on sunday 29th September 2020 at Cheribisi Academy after the church sevice as from 1pm.

My influence cant reach everyone but a combined effort amongst us has always achieved the best. Share widely.

Remember, even sharing will be a blessing. Mr Kosgei through his daughter Faith appeals to the general public to come in their aid to raise the medical bill. Send your contributions to 0725558670 ~~Faith Chepchirchir

Thanks Alot to the caring souls who will take an initiative to make contributions or share.

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