“Bro si unifulizie.” This is one of the most common languages you’ll hear among youths in their day to day chit chats. Infact those with zero FULIZA limits do end up feeling like the world ain’t fair.

Personally I have 3 safaricom lines with all having an access to FULIZA. Its an addiction! It has become so into us that whenever someone wants to calculate their accounts worth, they have to include FULIZA.

Fuliza is like the new saviour in town. With just a click or a tap of the yes option and that’s it. Your money could be increased with 300 or 500 with some fuliza limits upto 50000 and above.

I’ve never imagined being addicted to something, but FULIZA is an exemption.. You’ll agree with me that nowadays even gamblers FULIZA to bet..funny right?

Anyways all said and done. What does safaricom get out of all these customers who use their service?

Safaricom now processes about six loan applications on its Fuliza loan product per second. In the 2020 financial year, Safaricom disbursed loans amounting to Sh245 billion through Fuliza.

This is a growth of more than 10 times over the same period in the previous year, when Kenyans borrowed Sh29 billion, according to the company’s latest sustainability business report.

Fuliza service was launched last year as an overdraft facility to allow users complete transactions even with insufficient funds.

The firm paid Sh111 billion in taxes, duties and licence fees, 13 per cent more than was paid in the previous financial year. “We have a presence of over 286,000 enterprise customers, an increase of more than 105,000 from the previous year,” the Safaricom boss said. “This has been occasioned by the acquisition of an additional 21,000 SMEs and 85,000 small office and home office customers.”

The total value of M-Pesa transactions in the 2020 financial year rose 18 per cent to Sh13.9 trillion as the company zero-rated fees for transfers less than Sh1,000 at the onset of the pandemic.

Check out more of how FULIZA has become the newest cash cow in kenya https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/amp/business-news/article/2001390132/21-million-broke-kenyans-take-a-record-sh245b-fuliza-loans

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