Honest opinion is that I don’t know how to handle grief. Mine or that of others. All I know how to do is put it down.

So listen my dear friend: The hurt may come in bouts of denial, it may come in waves, it may come in small portions and questions.

You wonder why you and not somebody else, you wonder if your body is going to hold it all in, you lay blame on any available source. You break and burn and bleed on the inside. And try to keep a calm front for the world.


Guess what, it’s a process we all go through at some point. We may not understand, act insensitive and even lock up on the inside. It all goes by one name though, Grief. And for it to go, you have to experience it all. The anger, the pain, the denial, the tears. One thing you should know for sure is that we are in this together.


To all those going through rough patches.

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