I don’t know where to start from. But first let me begin by thanking you for this platform. It has given me the courage to speak out and I hope I’ll get some advice.

My story is quite a long one. Let me try shorten it because I doubt if I’ll be able to finish today.

I am a 3rd year student at one of the renown public universities in Kenya. 22 years of age . That would be enough for my identity.

Anyways, life has never been just that fair to me however much I try to fit in. My pillow can tell of the many moments I have broken down with lost hope.

I have experienced the worst kind of pain and heartbreak from those I trusted the most.

Being the bread winner and the watchdog to my family hasn’t been an easy task with all the pain. My studies haven’t been of desirable standards either.

I know for a fact that all of us weren’t born cute. Or rather not all of us bear the captivating, glittering and shiny looks that most men desire. But it pains me whenever someone decides to make personal jokes and mockery of my body.

It has destroyed my self esteem tremendously. My concentration even in class at times flops the moment those thoughts linger through my mind.

My closest trustees including family members and closest friends have physically abused me. The number of scars in my body are uncountable. It’s never been easy looking myself in the mirror.

Suicidal thoughts have crossed through my mind oftenly since being sexually assaulted by someone I trusted the most. Fighting the urge weighs me down. Do I even deserve more of this unpromising situation?

My heart is just so clouded with anger. My trust to people broken; especially men. I don’t even know who to rely on anymore. I have lost focus in life.Developed a cold feet to even doing what I loved most.

My bitterness to the male species has multipled. I now see men as liars, braggers and just so many other bad things.

I know life doesn’t give us the same kind of experiences but mine is just hazardous. I don’t deserve this. Not anymore. I have experienced enough.

Am dying inside. I’d really appreciate any advice to help me get over all this. Thank you

~~~~~~~ Anonymous~~~~~~~

10 thoughts on “I Agree I Wasn’t Born Cute But I Don’t Deserve This…”
  1. Hey dear take it easy with yourself and don’t take what people throw at you personal.Instead major on your strength and shine out of that .I believe you’ve gotta a star. But first start with loving yourself and appreciating who you are despite of people’s opinions.

  2. Hey dear I strongly believe that each and every being is beautiful in it’s own way⁦❤️⁩ if not God then I don’t see anyone who should demean you to this point. Most successful people are those who didn’t really have this smooth life experiences but they still made it out of the foundation they made from each challenge they faced😣 and the thought you express really matters,change your mentality on the way you see things and make something good out of it.Not every good thing come swiftly gyal,there is something sweet after every struggle trust me💯⁦✌️⁩ you’re amazing,you’ve just not realized.

  3. Life sucks at times. Challenge are there in life we have to pass thr8this and tjat now and then. But that shouldn’t be the down fall. Not everyone will treat you right not everyone will accept you as whom you are but never look back. Stay focused, keep pushing and never reply good by good. A fact we can’t bargain on is that despite the ups and downs you do jave some best nice and memorable moments in life. Committing suicide means all those best mome6 shall never be there and you will be no more and all yhose who cherish you and love you secretly will loose you. Keep heart. Stay strong.

  4. Hey….. your beauty comes from within…once you take it in that you are not cute…the world will take it that way.Dear this will make you perceive anything bad that happens to you to be due to your looks.Write down some thing you love about yourself…allow the barking dogs bark and walk confidently before the world… don’t pity yourself and each day go to the mirror and tell yourself you are pretty three times…then God is our only comfort

  5. Just take heart there some who have been through that …first be strong do not listen to all that people say..prove your family wrong by emerging defying all odds ..

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