Thanks for this platform. I hope to find some advice and help before hell breaks loose.

Most marriages have never been easy. Mine not being an exemption.

I have been married for close to three years now. Blessed with a little baby boy. A good home and a good job.

The onset of our relationship was the best kind of romantic soap operas you watch around. Or the beautiful story novels you read. It was exemplary. Everything was just awesome.

My husband kept his romantic side for a good period. And I always imagined what a jewel I had. He would drive me wild frequently during our love making moments.

Problems started to knock on our door about six months ago. He started changing. Became a loner and most of the time was so cold on me.

Our bedroom escapades reduced drastically. Our many hour screams and moans overnight became obsolete. All I got was a one minute moment. Not even a foreplay.

I have not been okay. When I compare my husband when we first met and today, I feel like crying. They are like two completely different people.

I miss the sweet moments I had with him. The romping overnight. And just being more fun with him.

I have occasionally tried talking to him but all I get are grumpy ” I am okay ” responses. It reached a point I even visited our local pastor for help. It never bore any fruit.

I am afraid I am loosing the husband I have always shared great moments with. I want more.

I have been tempted to cheat on him more than once to satisfy my sexual urges. And I feel so bad about it. Its crazy. Sometimes the urge drives me nuts and I just can’t hold it.

I don’t know if my man is cheating on me but truly miss him a lot. The old him. I only need him for a while to stop an impending mistake am tempted to make.

I have tried all possible means. I have run out of options. Sooner or later am going to end up cheating on him. Something I swore never to do. Something so costly to our marriage.

Any advice might help!


2 thoughts on “I Need My Man Back Before I End Up Cheating”
  1. Sometimes all we need is a little time with God , you may not want to hear this now , it may not have worked but the reality is you are falling apart . He can ease your mind and help you in your journey of discovering what went wrong . As you walk on , try and rediscover yourself , before your husband you had an identity of your own,,, finding it again may help,,,maybe he also wants the previous you. Did something change? Keep calm even as you try to avoid blaming yourself for something you’re not aware of . Thanks for sharing .

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