When the white man came to our homeland his main agenda was to colonize us,make us his slaves and probably grab our lands.

He not for a second thought of making us change who we were. Instead they loved and adored the black man tradition and everything it had. Unlike us who got carried away by their lifestyle.

In order to survive, some blacks totally assimilated.A probable reason we have the black Americans.

Assimilation would have come to an end the minute the white man went away; by that I mean when we got our independence. But instead we stuck with it.

We started the education system, came up with more churches and so on. Yes! that helped us a big time. Look at where we are now, we are a 3rd world country and we are of course fast moving, which is ok.

But, come to think of it, what if we still upheld our culture and at the same time adapted to some of the white man culture. Where could we have been now?

When Covid-19 became a pandemic, the researchers gave out different ideas like treating it with herbs. But where are the herbalists? Who will really listen to them?

I remember a scenario. I was still a kid of about five years. I broke my left arm on one of the visits with my parents and aunties to my grandmother’s place.

In the heat of the moment everyone was pretty much confused because something had to be done urgently. My grandma who was at her early 50’s suggested that we go to a herbalist.

She thought that I was too young to be plastered since it could have affected me in the near future. When we used that method I got well. Meaning herbs work.

But my question still remains; where are the hearbalists? Did they all die?

Westernization, the one thing that has made our 21st century children believe in everything they see on social media. My best example is homosexuality. Scripting of sex scenes in the movies was not that bad, but introducing same gender sex scenes brought more harm than good.

They have normalized it and our kids think it is cool. Which is very wrong. That is not a black man thing, it came with the ships. It has made our kids think that it is good to express their sexual preference openly. Something quite annoying.

No black man can be proud of giving birth to a sissy. Why did God create man and woman? That should be our first reference point. Then maybe now go down to Sodom and Gomora. See what God did to that city.

We have forgotten who we are.Most of our kids probably do not know their native languages. Give me ten years, maybe our native languages will no longer be in existence. A demerit of the white man culture.

I do not entirely discredit the Western culture. Infact I encourage borrowing a leaf or two from it. But at the same time keeping in mind our sole roots.

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