Emma Kimani, a health and fitness expert argues that in most cases money is usually the heart of everything we do. But over time, its not always about money;You can have lots of it but remain unsatisfied and frustrated.

It is therefore positive to say that there is richness in getting the balance between passion and wealth right.
A times questions may twist our thoughts and give us different answers..for instance; why go to school? Why further studies? Why drop out of school for a certain work?

Such samples may bring out the picture of what people would want at the end of those occasions which is probably to get money and be termed as ‘rich’.
There is a bare truth that its possible to loose happiness because of lack of money.It is also possible to develop stress and arrogance just because of lack of money.

This is suitably evident in the universities whereby a student would lack money even for just a day and fail to operate his or her daily activities I.e attending classes or even become sick.

I may not be good in research but from my own perspective or rather what I have experienced in some families, when a parent lacks money he or she tends to change their moods and always play to be very harsh when expressing themselves.

So is it true that life can stop without money?

Different strokes are always for different folks thus you can deal with your own demon and slay it the best way you can.


8 thoughts on “Is It Always About Money?”
  1. I conquer, if you’d ask me how black I am I would basically show you how I was raised up with parents whose moods depends on their pockets

  2. Nice piece here. I love the way you bring out your views into the bigger picture. However, I feel the piece is still short. I would have loved if it was around 500 words. Congrats.

      1. Your article is good .Check on your command on the Queen’s language as it attrackd readers more .Cheers!

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