Megan thee stallion and rapper Travis Scott are confirmed to be dating. This has escalated the huge beef between the Meg and Travis baby mother Kylie Jenner.

If you have been following their source of conflict, you will recall the bizarre party where Tory Lanez allegedly shot her then girlfriend Megan thee Stallion. This was after Megan caught her hubby flirting with her ‘friend’ Kylie Jenner.

This made Megan really angry in the party as witnesses say she confronted Tory Lanez. Tory after multiple denials confirmed he shot her on the leg due to Megan overreaction over the matter.

Megan tried to play low with the issue as she insisted she got injuries from falling down at the party. Until after the case turned out to be more of a felony did she spill the beans and tell the public the truth of what really happened that night.

Travis and Kyle [photo/courtesy]

Ever since that night Megan and Kylie’s relationship have been on the edges. Both have been throwing shades at each other. With netizens playing a major role in simmering their feud which at this point seems to be endless.

However, most of the fans accuse Kylie of the feud between them. Kylie at first showed a low key on the matter and this intrigued most of the fans to be upset with her.

Other fans took it to the extreme of commenting it was a mistake of her to appear on the award winning WAP video. Most of the fans were however zipped by rapper Cardi B. She protested and defended her. Quoting in her twitter page Cardi stated that Kylie was like all the other black girls and she deserved to be on the video.

Despite this, Megan declared bad blood between her and Kylie. Since the onset of the feud she constantly copied Kylie Jenner’s photoshoots. She took the feud to greater lengths by trying to upstage the plastic filled billionaire makeup mogul.

One of her latest music video ‘Body’ the rapper throws shade at Kylie by showing her natural perfect curves. Curves which obviously as we know Kylie had to face the knife in order to have hers. There is a whole lot of history regarding Kylies face and her whole body shape.

Though she denies adjusting her body insisting she had only her lips done, we all know that’s crap and no one can buy that.

The beef between the two ladies later sparked again. This time round when sources from MTO news heard that Megan and Kylie’s ex hubby Travis Scott were dating. This was after Travis personal chef bragged on social media on how Megan loved her dishes.

She also posted a video of Megan twerking on Travis during the dinner. Shortly after the news Kylie took the matter on social media. He posted a picture of her in front of her house with the caption ‘’ Dinner @mine?’’ then went ahead and deleted the post, but not before a thousand of her followers flooded her with comments.

Megan’s step in having a relationship with Travis has raised a public concern. Is she trying to get even with Kylie for flirting with her exboyfriend Tory Lanez or she is just taking the matter personal with Kylie. Well we all hope she plays her cards right or she might also be a victim of the ‘Kardashians Curse’.

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