Condemned to fail

Mmust students

Studying at Masinde Muliro is becoming harder than attaining a graduation at Moi University Eldoret. Aside from the recent development of sitting for examinations in under a month with insufficient study material, students now have to make do with expulsion threats.

Students are expected to perform the unimaginable feat of sitting for examinations with zero balance. Sitting for the exams otherwise is considered a crime faced with the threat of expulsion.

You are then expected to perform exceptionally, mind you it is for your own good. The policies for supplimentaries and specials are not a joke.

Dare to fail or not sit for examinations and the next time you will sit for those papers will be when the next class is having a go at it.

The Institution does not mind if you split hours between the papers due to the small fact that you may be having other papers at the same time. This equals to setting a student up for failure.

The Institution has not only provided a rope, it is strangling its population at a time where empathy is needed the most.

Life is indeed unforgiving. At times like this I remember Lumala. A fight we have up on has come to haunt.

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