Uncertainty grows in Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology as the fight between the administration and the students takes another note. In todays dailies the administration advertised the opening dates of the university. A decision termed by the student leaders as independent since they were never consulted.

This comes after an indefinite closure of the institution due to students unrest over issues they termed irreducible minimus. They include; harassment from the finance department, the need of permanent staff i.e. Vc and DVCs and poor WiFi connectivity.

From a look at the dailies, it highly seemed the administration had in no way reacted to the students reasons for unrest. Instead a fine of 950/= damages fee and a bond which is to be signed at the entrance with all the students has been set as a condition for readmission.

This has further heightened situations as the students organization seeks to redress the matter legally through the court of law. At the same time they have directed all students not to report to the university premises until their irreducible minimus are met.

In their counter memo on the one from the administration today, they have asked all students to stay away from the university premises. All this continues as graduating classes and the first years remains confused on what next for them.

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