Do you think he’ll tell her?’ I asked him as I stroke his beard, soothed by the rising and falling of his chest. ‘I hope he does’.

It always started this way. I’d be laying on his chest, listening to the steady and honest rhythm of his beating heart. I’d have my leg straddled across his with one of his arms on my shoulders, which he’d occasionally slide down and give my cheeks gentle rubs of affection or well, hard grabs to foretell passion untold.Then somehow we’d end up naked.And breathless…but today was different ..or so I thought as I tried to focus my mind back to the movie.

It felt so safe being in his arms,so intimate I couldn’t help but slide closer,rubbing my right boob against him. He was either so much into the movie, or contented with us cuddling there like we had all the time in the world, as I saw no reaction from him.

This safe space,this feeling I could trust him, aroused me. I glided my hands from his beard to his neck and proceeded to kiss it on the other side. He smelled good. I loved it when he smelled good,you know,like a man who takes care of himself. That’s a man that will take care of you.He smelled like home.

I nibbed his lobe then sucked it leisurely running my hands on his breast,making sure to tease the nipple while at it.

‘What are you doing’ he asked his voice full of mischief.

There was a mirror right infront of us. My dress was so short he could see my thighs and the little curve of my cheecks.The lace thong underneath was barely visible, swallowed between my little valleys. I looked into his eyes and teased the buldge on his pants then unzipped it and took him into my hands. He was silky soft…

‘Mmhh’ I purred in his ear digging my hands inside his shirt.

I trailed kisses down his neck to the spot right above his collarbone, his spot and dug my teeth gently getting a moan in return. He grabbed my leg to straddle him completely and turned the monitor off. I was on top of him looking at him with eyes that bellied innocence, completely defying what I’d do to him.

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He grabbed my neck lowering my mouth to his,and devoured with such passion, my nipples ached. I could feel his erection, steady and straining against his sweatpants, poke my coochie.

I was in a dress.I could pull it up and have him in me in seconds.But not yet.With my body so close to his,i started gliding against his erection. It teased the front of my vagina causing the hair at the back of my neck to stand. The more I did, the closer I could feel my orgasm edge closer. With both his hands, he grabbed ny cheecks crushing me against him while he ravaged my neck. I could barely breathe or think. He was getting harder and harder as I moaned louder and louder.

‘Ah ah ah shiiiiit !!’ I let out the last of moans collapsing onto his chest, breathless and utterly soaked between my legs.

‘So..did he tell her’ murmured.’What?’ he asked obviously confused.

‘The guy in the movie’.’I have absolutely no idea’ he said as we both laughed.I could barely remember the storyline myself…..

We had been kissing on the bed after abandoning a movie that initiated the whole thing. After being knocked down hard by a ravaging orgasm, we or rather I had collapsed on his chest to catch my breathe. Even without penetration, I had gotten to the edge and on the verge of losing my sanity from the pleasure I’d gotten grinding myself against his erection. I was, however far from done.

This was just the be beginning.


I intended to do alot of things to this man and none of them were forgivable. As if reading my mind, he sat up and grabbed me into his lap. His hands were under my dress carressing me then proceeded to give my butt playful squeeze. He was looking at me so intensely my lower lips blushed, then kissed me long and hard until all I could think of was him. Once he broke of the kiss, I smiled at him, kissed him one more time and got on my knees before him.

There was a mirror right infront of us. My dress was so short he could see my thighs and the little curve of my cheecks.The lace thong underneath was barely visible, swallowed between my little valleys. I looked into his eyes and teased the buldge on his pants then unzipped it and took him into my hands. He was silky soft, so invitingly warm and hard, so hard I bet he ached.

Suddenly, he gripped my hands stopping me. My eyes widened with shock and confusion, then calmed when he said

‘They’re still outside.’

Our friends, who had visited us for the weekend, were outside.

‘Stay right here, I’ll lock the door.’ he said as he rose up, barely hiding his erection wth his shirt.

I saw him smile at them.They laughed with him as he shut the door locked then came back to the bed. I carressed his thighs, ready to continue where we left, as I smiled at him. I took his dick into my hands and teased the head with my thumb in circular motions then to the spot right under it and followed it with my warm wet tongue.I heard him curse.

Without breaking my eye contact,I proceeded to lick him from the base near the balls to the tip,then took him into my mouth fully again, to the middle, then dipped my head to take him as far as I could down my throat. With one hand gently massaging his balls and the other teasing his nipples,

I could feel his body shuddering as he continued cussing under his breathe.’Ugh. I’m loving this ‘ I thought to myself as he lifted my dress to my waist,leaving my entire backview showing on the mirror behind us for him to enjoy. He was so far back my throat I could barely breathe, but that only aroused me twice as much. I moaned and garged until I felt him grow even bigger in my mouth, just before he lifted my soggy face and up with his mouth open. Before I could question him, he got behind me, pulled my dress down, took my breast in one hand and kissed my neck.

‘Don’t scream ‘ ‘Mmhh’ I answered, hazed, eager to feel him in me. ‘Aah!’

I gasped as he entered me and then pulled out slowly only to to go back in with a viciousness that had my eyes rolling to the back of head.

‘Sshh!’ We’ve got company ‘ he scolded as he bit my earlobe gently,teasing my clit with his hand.

‘Please ‘ I pleaded for him not to stop. Covering my mouth with his other hand, he went ahead to serve me long hard strokes that had me biting my lower lip to try and muffle my moans. When I could no longer hold them, he held my head against the matress and rode into me harder and harder.

I screamed, moaned and begged into the deaf sponge as he brought me to orgasms, one after the other. Then he stopped, roared deep in his throat and climaxed with me.

When I lifted my head, breathless and disheveled, the faces that looked back at me told a story of passion so tightly intertwined with lust and tiredness.We finally got back on the bed and kissed while a sleep from exhaustion and contentment teased our eyes.We were woken up much later by the knock at the door. ‘Hey bro…

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