In the middle of a pandemonium, the Mount Kenya University governing council decided to recall the long serving and founder Vice Chancellor Prof.Stanley W Waudo,PhD.

In the recent past,there has been an uproar from continuing students of the imposition of E-learning and cumpulsory payment of school fee despite the troubling times a lot are going through during the pandemic.

The quality of academic programs ,staff welfare and students’ bargains had taken a dip.Six months in his absence had seen the institution wobble almost to it’s knees but this is no more.

Truly,the savior is back to reinstall the varsity from the recycle bin. Evident from the celebratory mood from it’s bona fide students,he was a darling of many.

Since 2008,the smiley professor has scaled the university, snaking through the ranks to be one of the best private institutions of higher learning. His inscribed,collaborative but acute leadership style seemed to have worked out for him perfectly good.

It is time to revamp!

A complete comprehensive overhaul of the university wholly, is what lingers in the student’s minds now.

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