Outspoken political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi weighed in on Kenyan Corona virus cases, predicting that Kenya may have 5,333 deaths and over 160,000, infections by April.

The first few cases of the Covid 19 in Kenya brought about scare among Kenyans and a halt to many things.The few weeks that followed afterwards became full of observing possible measures needed to flatten the curve. Every citizen was scared of the new virus that had left many dead even in the well established first world countries including USA.

A daily dawn to dusk curfew was imposed. Cessation of movement in and out of highly affected regions ie.Mombasa ,Nairobi and Kilifi.Bars and restaurants were closed.

Those in businesses and were aged above 50 years were advised to take a mandatory leave as they were most vulnerable to be infected. Matatu Saccos have incured losses as passenger arrangement changed to allow social distance.

Most importantly and unexpectedly, political temperatures cooled off. Politicians have since then been seen on social media taking all possible measures to help their regions in dealing with the corona virus pandemic.

Although some have been criticized for engaging in mere PR practises, others like Governor Joho and Alfred Mutua have received a great commendation from Kenyans and the President as well for the good work they have put in place.

However, in the recent days politics seems to be coming back to being the centre stage in the country affairs. The normal headline breakers are at it again.

Political tensions have risen as both Jubilee and ODM parties seems to differ over the 2022 succession politics. President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM party leader Raila Odinga are working on a line up that could see both their parties produce a single presidential candidate in 2022.

Mr Odinga has stated that the parties focus after the covid-19 pandemic will be a referendum to bring changes in the country through BBI.

ODM is also pushing for an Inter-Party Parliamentary Group (IPPG) same to the one in 1977. Where parties had the free hand to select commissioners of the electoral body.

Leaders including KANU SG Nick Salat and Wiper Party Vice Chairman Mutula Kilonzo Junior have backed up the plan. With Mutula Junior saying that the succession of the president is key to stability post 2022.

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has also made claims of a ‘secret card’ between Uhuru and Ruto that could see ODM leader Odinga face yet another harshest betrayal of his life.

All these comes even as the country still faces a crisis. The covid-19 pandemic.

Although the government still insists on precautionary measures to curb the virus, It is business as usual in most parts of the country. The scare has slowly reduced over time.

Apart from observing the dusk to dawn curfew, Some seem to care less. Social distancing has been forgotten as the typical Kenyan style of rush hour is still at large.

At 6.30 pm you’ll not miss a shop or a vending store without people thronged at the entrance. All struggling to buy meals and beat the curfew. Barber shops, salons and cyber cafes are normalizing being the brooding places for story telling and “udaku moments.

Apart from constant repositioning of the masks on the face, a majority place their masks under their noses, on top of their foreheads and others just for the show of it to avoid penalty set in place by the government. Defying the very essence of the protective gear.

Mutahi Kagwe on addresaig the nation in his routine covid 19 release yesterday Monday 27th April authorised the re-opening of restaurants and eatery joints.

Operation between 5am to 4pm, limited number of persons in the restaurants, users to sanitize, wash hands and wear masks at all times and the workers to have been tested and covid 19 free are some of the measures set in place.

Things might be back to normal sooner than we anticipated !!

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