With a doctorate degree and a vast experience serving several ministries in previous governments,management of Corona Virus Pandemic in Tanzania has proven to be an uphill task for the authoritarian.

This is not the first time the controversial head of state is making headlines. Back in 2017 Tanzanian President Pombe Magufuli received hell of a thumbs up and patting in the back for firing over 9000 civil servants.

A majority who had secured government jobs with fake academic credentials. This was in a bid to curb corruption. But today, he remains to be the unlikeable in the eyes of many.

As of Wednesday April 29th, the East African nation had recorded 480 covid-19 cases. Jumping to third after somalia and Djibouti’s 528 and 1072 cases respectively.

The government’s silence for five straight days had raised alarm and worry among Tanzanians being left in the dark.

Health experts have chided Tanzania for failure to not being forthcoming with transparent, detailed up-to-date information on Covid-19. Several critics have labelled him a lightweight for his indecisiveness & lack of proactive, informed decisions towards combating the Wuhan virus.

“We are not closing places of worship…corona is the devil and can’t survive in the body of Jesus.” A statement still clear in many minds.

He might be forced to reconsider this statement and give it a resuscitating directive to save the situation getting out of hand.

With the panic stricken nation, Magufuli is now left to come up with a plausible explanation to the sky rocketing morbid figures of the disease. with more devastating results in the offing.

Epidemiologist’s primarily focus is CFR (Case fatality rate) of Covid19. Realised by dividing the total number of deaths from Covid19 over a specific, defined time period by the number of cases diagnosed of Covid19 during that period.

Important to note,recoveries are never subtracted from the total cases during reporting.That’ll be breach in principality in epidemiology!.Reason why governments are keen to adding newly diagnosed cases to the previous figures.

The Chinese virus is a tsunami. It’ll take those it’ll take and leave one’s it’ll leave.

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  1. We don’t need places of worship in order to worship. Where 2 or 3 are gathered in Christ’s name…

    Church is the body of believers holding each other up and praying for each other.

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