The societial beliefs of a city girl that parties, drinks and has tattoos is that she belong to the streets. A girl who was never raised well by her caregiver.

A girl whose manners were washed away by the annual rains.
“She is a disgrace to the community” they say.

If she takes her time to dress up. Does her make up. Gobbles down shots of liquor like a fish. Then she gotta be a whore.
If she shows too much skin,curves or thick thighs..then she is sleeping with everybody.

If she dances with every other person at the club then she is probably getting laid that night. Judging a book by its cover is all that people do. The eyes might be naked but blind and deceiving at times.

She might be the whole package I described above but she is more than that. You might think she has lost it but deep inside she’s got her shit together.

She is smarter than you think. Has more to offer than it seems. Maybe if you could look beyond what is in your eyes you might see what I am talking about.

Maybe she does all this to make herself feel better. Maybe this is her only way of letting it all out. Maybe that’s one of the few moments in her life she gets to be free.

Despite the danger she brings in her wild days.. just remember she’s not for everyone.

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