Sperm can be collected after death either through electrical stimulation of the prostate gland or surgery, and can then be frozen. Evidence suggests that sperm collected from men who have died can still result in viable pregnancies and healthy children, even when retrieved up to 36 hours after death has occurred.

Posthumous sperm retrieval(PSR) is a procedure in which spermatozoa are extracted from a human male after he has been pronounced legally brain dead. Cases of post-mortem conception have occurred ever since artificial insemination techniques were first developed.

The first successful retrieval of sperm from a cadaver was reported in 1980, in a case involving a 30- year old man who became brain dead following a motor vehicle accident and whose family requested sperm preservation. The first successful conception using sperm retrieved post-mortem was reported in 1998,leading to a successful birth the following year.


Gaby Vernoff gave birth to baby Brandalynn from sperm extracted by Rotham 30 hours after her husband died. According to Gaby, the pregnancy took with the last vial of sperm.

while medical literature recommends that extraction take place no later than 24hrs after death, motile sperm has been successfully obtained as late as 36hours after death.

Today, Rotham is co-founder and medical directorof Carlifonia Cryobank, the largest sperm bank in the US. They have performed about 130 extractions in a span of 9 years.

While medical literature recommends that extraction takes place not later than 24hrs after death, motile sperm has been succesfully obtained as late as 36hours after death.

The sperm dont have to be zippy and perfect, just alive. S luggish sperms can still create a pregnancy. All it takes is a single sperm injected into an egg.https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20160518-the-moral-maze-of-using-a-dead-mans-sperm

Sperm Extraction

  • Needle Extraction

This method involves inserting a needle into the testis and drawing out some sperm. It is often used in alive persons but doctors use it as well in post-mortem extractions.

  • Surgical extraction of the epididymis or testis

The doctor surgically removes the epididymis and milks it or otherwise separates the sperm from the tissue. Alternatively ,the epididymis or a piece of testicular tissue can be frozen whole.

  • Rectal probe ejaculation(electroejaculation)

The doctor inserts a conductive probe into the mans anus until it is next to the prostate. A jolt of electricity causes a muscle contraction that stimulates ejaculation of sperms through the usual channels

However much the procedures are done, most doctors wouldnt just consent to it even if you had a letter from the judge.

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