Spotify recently announced they will be launching their services in Kenya and other markets. This comes after the company has only been available in few African countries . Currently they are enlarging their services across more markets.This will offer Kenyans a chance to stream millions of songs and podcasts.

What is Spotify?

For those individuals may find it unfamiliar, it is a Swedish audio streaming platform and media service provider. It provides podcasts and digital music that enable its users to access millions of content from artists all over the world.

It has an algorithm that is AI based that sorts music best suited to you. It ensures the listener is engaged and never gets bored. It compares new song to your current habits and trends, making it decide what is best for you.

Playing music on Spotify is free, but also up-gradable to premium. The free version comes with ads of applications and commercials playing between songs, something which seems quite disturbing at times. An option could be to upgrade to Spotify Premium that is a paid package.

Advantages of Spotify Premium

  • Removed advertising thus uninterrupted music.
  • Ability to download songs and listen to them offline.
  • Unlimited high-quality streaming of over 50 million songs.

It’s an easy to use application. Furthermore, its legal program since the company licenses tracks from record labels and pays right holders based on number of times people listen to each track.

Spotify Pricing in Kenya

Spotify Pricing in Kenya

Kenyan rates released by Spotify are as follows:

Premium Package Price in Kshs.

Individual 299 per month

Duo 389 per month

Family (Up-to

six accounts) 479 per month

Student 149 per month

Note: The student package is available only to students at an accredited higher education institution.

How To Listen To Spotify Music

-One can download Spotify Music App from Play Store for Android users or Apple App Store for iOS users.

-It works perfectly on web browser on your computer or smartphone using Spotify Web Player.

-Some cars models also have Spotify Music streaming connectivity.

-Also supported on smart TVs like Samsung TV and other digital smart applications or devices like Amazon’s Alexa.

Launching service provision in Kenya will help in rewarding artists, whom effortlessly keeps Kenyans entertained most of the times especially during this tough pandemic period.


By Arnold Paxman

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