Nobody wants a slow laptop. So speeding up your windows 10 to ensure you meet your deadlines is such a go for many people.Lets have a look at these few tips to help you speed up.


Disable Startup Programs

Switch to the “Startup” tab and check for unnecessary apps with higher impact on the system. You can do so by clicking on “Startup Impact” label.

Next, right-click on applications and click on “Disable”. Do this for every unnecessary app. This will speed up Windows 10 every time you turn on your PC.

Disable Background Apps

Background apps are Windows apps which run in the background to receive notifications and updates. While messaging and email apps may require background sync, apps like Candy Crush and Calculator don’t need it at all.

These apps constantly run in the background and make the computer slow, besides draining the battery. So to speed up Windows 10, first disable the background apps.

Disable Cortana

However, if you don’t use Cortana and want to limit your search to just PC, then it’s better to disable it at once. This will save you a lot of computer resources as Cortana keeps hogging memory and important resources in the background. Follow these steps to disable Cortana and speed up Windows 10 significantly.

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Uninstall Multiple Antivirus Programs

It is a bad idea to install multiple Antivirus programs to secure your PC. Antivirus checks file integrity in the background which in turn eats disk usage. Having multiple antiviruses will further make your computer slow.

In fact, installing an antivirus on Windows 10 is completely avoidable as it comes with Windows Defender pre-installed. And frankly, it’s pretty good and reliable.

In case, your PC is attacked by some rogue virus and Windows Defender is unable to remove it then we recommend you to install Malwarebytes to clean up your PC. Malwarebytes will speed up Windows 10 and also remove the viruses.

Change Power Plan to high performance

Disable Windows UpdateBlock Telemetry Service

Windows is increasingly tracking users with its various tools and techniques. It constantly sends and retrieves data to its server in the background.

All these background telemetry services hog down crucial computer resources which further makes your PC slow down. So to block these telemetry services from running in the background, you can use a personalized host file.

It blocks the server and the PC from establishing a communication. A user named Scorthyn on Reddit has created the host file and you can use it on your Windows 10 PC

Disable Indexing on Older Windows 10 PCs

In simple terms, Indexing means keeping a list of all the files located in your PC. It helps Windows in finding the file quickly when you hit the search button. However, on older PCs, the indexing process eats up too many resources and makes the PC remarkably slow.

Note that if you are using a Windows PC with powerful configs then disabling indexing will not make a considerable difference.

Debloat Windows 10

Of late, Windows has become incredibly bloated with useless apps and services. These apps take up crucial RAM, processing power and disk space. It significantly slows down the system and you are left with a laggy mess.

The sad part is that you can’t even uninstall these apps through the Control Panel

Keep a Check on Background Processes

Use an Efficient Browser

Most of us use a web browser on our Windows 10 PC to browse the internet. In my case, I use Chrome all the time because I am deep into the Google’s ecosystem.

However, it is quite popularly know that Chrome is a resource hogger. It really eats up most of my computer resources, making it slow and overall laggy for a few seconds

Switch to an SSD

I believe Windows 10 is a great Operating System— almost as good as the macOS — but it has been marred by sloppy hardware over the years. Most of us use Windows 10 on a mechanical hard drive(HDD) which is quite slow and further results in slow performance.

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