Sis are you tired of your skin’s disrespect? Despite trying different facial routines you still ain’t getting the results you desire.Its a bummer right?


Well its a struggle, we all go through it from time to time. We all have good and bad skin days. There days when the skin’s just dashingly radiant and those I don’t even want to talk about my skin days. So what really causes this skin break outs?

1.Cloged pores
Pores are opening on our skins that release sebum and sweat. Pores also aid in the absorbtion of nutrients and vitamins from facial products such as moisturizers and vitamin serums and facial masks. Clogged pores do result in the appearance of acne, blackheads and whiteheads heads. Some of the factors that lead to clogged pores include;

(i)sweat and oil remains on the skin
(ii)Dust particles from the environment
(iii)Facial skin that has not fully exfoliated

  1. Bacteria
    When sebum accumulates on your skin for too long it may lead to bacterial accumulation which in turn causes pimples to appear.
  2. Excessive oil on the skin
    The skin produces its own oil(sebum) which mentains its elasticity. Too much oil deposits on the skin can however lead to acne, clogged pores whiteheads or black heads.

  3. You skin is a gem and the only true way you can take care of it is by first learning it. Is it dry, is it oily or does it hang on the balance (normal skin)
    The knowledge of this will help you understand what type of product to use and what products not to use. Here’s a simple 3 step test you can take that helps you learn your skin type
    Step 1:Simply wash your face, allow it to dry then
    Step 2:Dub a few pieces of tissue on face.
    Step 3:Analyse your results.
    If the tissue has noticeable patches grease/oil stains your skin is oily. If the stains are faint your skin is normal and if there are no stains at all, your skin is dry.
  4. This knowledge will help you buy the right products in regard to moisturizers, makeup and anything skin related. Without the proper knowledge of your skin type the products you use could be what’s causing your break out.
    to soft glowing skin is exfoliating.
  5. Exfoliating is a secret to glowing skin as it is the removal of the skin layer related to cosmetic preparation.

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