‘Hey,you coming?’

he’d called 3 hours earlier saying he’d come over.

‘Yeah,yeah I’m still stuck around by pass; Limuru road today has turned into a fucking nightmare ‘

He sounded so defeated.

I was preparing to raise his spirits and so much more once he got home.The lingerie I had ordered from fellyfab collections had arrived the previous week, as if smelling catastrophe from afar and wanting to be part of my mischievous plan to fix it.

It was crotchless with open boob area, the rest barely covered by lace, with my cheecks hanging out from its thong backside.

I had been editing content for instagram and looked nothing like what a man would want to come home to. In an oversized t-shirt without a bra, sweats and glasses, I felt like unseasoned chicken, good and healthy but tasteless and unappetizing. Atleast I had done my nails, the perfect length to get beneath his balls and give them a little scratch on that spot between them and the anus.

The buzzing of my phone brought me back to reality from my wild thoughts that had me biting my lower lip sideways.

‘Hey. A lifetime later. I’m here.’

I heard the familiar hoot of his Mercedes E class then the gate opened then closed. I was at the door waiting and caught him with his head against the cold walls of the lift, his two top buttons undone, his tie in his hands, looking like he had lost a fight with the devil. Seeing him like this did something to my insides.

He looked ragged but neat nevertheless, which was always such a turn on for me.

‘Hey you.’ I tried cheering him up with a smile to no avail.
‘Hug me’ he murmured collapsing into my small frame.
‘Go take a shower while I make you some fruit salad mmhh’.

I was holding his face in my small hands, marvelling at how handsome he was, as tired as he looked. Mighty Lord he smelled good, so good indeeed, the scent went straight to my vagina. I was definitely getting aroused and wet.
‘Ok.’ In minutes, I heard the water running. Flipping my laptop shut,I rushed to the kitchen and fixed him a bowl. I rushed to the bedroom to get my robe and lingerie ready to wear after the shower. No. I would get it after he got dressed so that he wouldn’t peep it and ruin the surprise.

He came into the bedroom all wet, with his towel hanging dangerously low on his waist. I wanted to lick the droplets dripping from his beard and down his chest,especially the ones that clung from his nipples. Wiping my damp hands down the side of my sweats ,I swallowed hard and focused on breathing. My eyes went lower. All I had to do was reach that damn towel and….

‘Are you ok?’. He was looking at me quizically, his head slanted to the side.

‘I could almost swear you were transfixed right there. What’s up?’.

My voice, sir. I couldn’t find it. My throat was so dry the sahara was most definitely jealous. He started walking towards me, with his towering height, oblivious of how helpless he made me. I had to move, walk, cough, anything. The closer he came, the weaker my knees got. I hated how much I was attracted to him.

He was two steps away. Move dumbass, do something.
‘Your salad is ready. I’ll go take a shower too then join you mhh’. I attempted at a reply, walking into the bathroom as casually as I could. I didn’t realise I was holding my breathe until I got into the shower and took deep breathes like someone who just escaped a burning buidling.

I dared touch between my legs and confirmed that I was indeed ready to drown this man from how wet I was. Ugh! How he could wreck so much havoc even without touching me,I could never fathom, never bothered to.

After a glorious shower taking my time to wash between my legs, I was ready to get dressed. The lingerie looked like a dream, its black color contrasting with dark lust against my light skin. I slipped the robe on and proceeded to the sitting room, lotion in hand. Passing by the kitchen, I grabbed one of the bananas from the fruits I used for salad. The soft lace of the robe teased my nipples as I swayed into the sitting room. In seconds, I was standing before him, barely managing to hide my smile that promised nothing but pleasures untold.

‘Was the salad good?’ I asked holding the banana in my hands, then proceeded to peel it like I had all the tym in the world. He almost choked on a slice of apple.His eyes travelled from my eyes, to the banana in my mouth and down my chest.They lingered a bit longer there before moving down to take in my small waist and curve of my hips, down my tempting thighs and legs, then slowly back to my face.

‘Ummhh..I’m sorry what?’ The fruit on his folk hung before his mouth. He was going to eat, but from a different bowl.

One with warm walls that were alive and his fingers would be the only fork he’d need. I glided my tongue on the tip of the banana and sucked on it, then nibbled teasingly as I bent to ask again ‘How was the salad?’

He swallowed hard his eyes transfixed on my nipples that were hanging deliciously in front of his eyes.’Juicy’ he croacked, his lips dry and hands burried in the coach. ‘I’ll get you some water’. I placed the lotion on the table, making sure to bend all the way to give him a glorious view of my back side. I looked back only to find his lips parted, looking starved, like he was one meal away from death. Oh,I was just but getting started.

Once back with the water, I straddled him and helped him sip a few gulps.
‘Are you trying to kill me or what ,’ he asked his eyes taking a trip from my buttery thighs, up my flat tummy,to the exposed perky boobs barely covered by the lace robe. I laughed mischievously

‘Oh, why’.
‘Because look at you’.

His thumbs traced my nipples over the robe then he proceeded to slip the robe off my shoulders. Trailing kisses from my shoulders to my boobs he paused, looking at them like they were art and moved his lips on my nipples with his mouth closed.The warm feel of his luscious lips against my cold nipples sent shivers along my spine,while making me burn with a ravenous desire for his touch .

His hands were digging into my cheecks, grinding my vagina against his bone hard erection. When he started sucking my nipples,I knew i had to do something.It wasn’t time. Not yet . I lifted his face and started stroking his beard while holding the back of his neck and kissed him softly over and over again.

‘I need your help with something first ‘.
‘Anything you want ‘.
‘Do you mind helping me oil myself?’

His half closed eyes snapped open as I pushed the tube into his hands. Standing up,I let the robe fall at my feet, prompting him to get started. Oh, now it was his turn to find his voice. When I lifted one of my feet unto his lap,he fell back unto the couch.The lips between my thighs craved for his touch. I slid two fingers between them and brought them out soaking wet before him.Was the view too much for him?I didn’t care,not even one bit. He looked hazed,blinking repeatedly as if trying to make sure the sight before him was real.

Leaning forward for a kiss in an attempt to bring him back to reality,I touched his lower lip with my wet fingers and murmed against his lips,’I’m getting cold’…

Catch Part Two …Blazzzzing Hot.

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