Signal currently is known to be among the best secure messaging app. This is due to its end to end encryption and independent structure making it open source and has no monetizing campaigns.

Due to its privacy policies, it is considered the most secure messaging platform by activists, hacker community and others concerned about their privacy.

Renown NSA System Administrator, Edward Snowden, who  presently is granted political asylum in Russia recently replied to a comment on Twitter that was asking  about surety of Signal’s privacy;  “ Here’s a reason: I use it every day and I’m not dead yet”

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The current upsurge of users Signal is currently receiving is also castigated by the policy changes in popular social app WhatsApp. A policy that will allow users to share information with Facebook. A comment by CEO, Elon Musk of people to use Signal has also propagated what people call “mass exodus”  to Signal.

Pros Of Signal

  • To join a group, one has to send you an invite and you have to accept. Unlike in WhatsApp where someone who has your contact can add you to a group.  Can avoid addition to unnecessary group adds by giving users privileges to choose which invites to accept and join.
  • Option to delete sent message same as in WhatsApp.
  • Not just offering end to end encryption but also it chooses to collect minimal user data.
  • Option for relay calls: This means that a call first goes through a Signal server to avoid revealing your IP address to receiving contact.
  • Signal only collect contact information since it is designed never to collect other sensitive information.
  • It does not sell or monetize individuals personal data or content in any way because it is a non-profit organization.
  • It does not store any of information as messages on its servers but does an end to end encryption .
  • Signal can share some relevant information to third parties ie. third party services which help in provision of verification codes .
  • Privacy check: One can set messages to disappear after a certain time frame.

Limiting Features

  • Status updates on WhatsApp is one thing you will miss when you move to Signal
  • Also as at the date of writing this article, one cannot backup chats on Signal as compared to WhatsApp that has a backup feature.

Rising Concerns

Signal being that secure and private, it raises some questions  to think of. Will criminals find  a breakthrough way of communicating privately? What will happen when those who used Signal service to plan a terror attack executes it?

Who will be held responsible and if Signal will be, are they willing to break their encryption model  to ghost out the threat actors to the authorities?

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By Arnold Paxman

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