Guy: Hey sasa😁

Lady: Niko poa ni Nani?🤔

Guy: Am Brian. Just wanted to get to know you more☺️

Lady: Oh, naitwa Caren

Guy: Cute name😍 Tell me more about you..

Lady: Wee unataka kujua Nini kunihusu? Just ask what you want to know I’ll answer …

Am not quite sure if this is the type of introductory messages we have come across in our inboxes but am certain of the fact that the “tell me more about you” question do pop up at some point in between

I randomly did a cross check on my friends with the bizzare question ” who are you? “and I was surprised. Considering the fact that I already knew their names and some info about them since we were friends, I kind of expected a more detailed narrative of who they are.

Unexpectedly 90% ended up telling me their names. Others put question marks in a manner to suggest ‘what do you mean’. That’s not even all. On presumption that maybe my question wasn’t that open, I extended the courtesy by explaining my point.

Most gambled with words and ended up admitting to the fact that they lacked an answer to that simple question. Others even asked for more time to think of who they are!

It’s therefore not surprising why most of the time we shun away that kind of question in our DMs.


But who are you really? Do you define yourself or your friends and family define who you are?

I understand at times people’s opinions in our lives matter. But to some extent you control what they think and say about you. We have always let people control our lives so much to the extent that their opinions of us ends up defining who we are. And blindly we subscribe to them as facts.

What if we just did a simplified analysis of ourselves. Get to understand ourselves better. Our strengths,Weaknesses,likes and dislikes, ambitions, desires ? Those things that makes you who you are. And we just learn to accept us the way we are?

We tend to give too much power to people. A more probable reason as to why random persons gets to define us without even knowing who we really are.

What if the narrative changed. Instead of us wanting random persons to ask us questions first is when we tell them who we are, we did the opposite. We selectively give them a brief description of us.


I guarantee we could avoid unnecessary unwanted chats with unreal people. On the other hand someone would easily tell if they want to stick around and get to know the deeper you which does with trust.

I know many would lie of who they really are but that’s uncalled for. At the end of the day you know who you really are.

Take a look at this..

I really love being happy😌because being angry or sad cost a lot. I love kids. I hate someone who fools around with me 😏.I love a straight forward person I love looking awesome every time. the biggest thing I hate is contradicting myself and my biggest happiness is seeing my mum happy.thats what keeps me going I am an extrovert. I love making new friends everyday. I would just be real me than faking my personality to be loved😍🤍💞that’s me Caren(not her real name)

From her description it would be very easy for a random person to know if they would like to stick around or back off.

I know sometimes people might lie of their true identity or even fake their intentions but at the end of it all with a real person its never easy to fake.

Lets get the power back. Let us define ourselves and determine what every other person thinks and says of us.

A question of “who are you?” Should never be a something to think hard about. It should be in our fingertips like a e i o u…

3 thoughts on ““Tell Me More About Yourself’; A Dreaded Question In People’s DMs”
  1. Awesooome… though I think lack of self-confidence and uncertainty is a contributing factor to some of the wierd responses we give to the simple question . Bear in mind the fact that from childhood we are discouraged from interacting with strangers hence the assumption that close friends and family know you as you are… meaning their definition of you …we are getting there anyway…quite an enlightening piece.

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