On Monday night April 20th, through their official Instagram account Ethic entertainment offered a public apology promising to do better content in their future music release.

we owe an apology to our fans who have been nothing but supportive throughout our journey. It has come to our attention that our recently released solo video has unintentionally promoted pedophilic culture. We are therefore sending out sincere apologies to our fans and viewers at large. As a result, we have made sure the video has been taken down, it’s inaccessible and we shall not further upload it. We have noted an exchange on Twitter under Swats name and we move to confirm that it is an impersonation as Swat does not own a Twitter account. Over and above, we sincerely apologize and we are working to release better music content in the future. We appreciate the feedback and we are also greatful for your continued patience.We love you all. Reads the Apology.

Ethic was condemned heavily after releasing the Soko video which fans claimed was promoting abuse against minors. Fans took to social media especially Twitter and called on KFCB CEO Dr.Ezekiel Mutua to take action.

Soko was released on Saturday 18th April in which a member used lines insinuating he was looking for a woman with a tight coochie like that of a baby. The lines sang by one Zillah irked many Kenyans who accused him of promoting pedophilia.

Through his Twitter account, Ezekiel Mutua had earlier on condemned the group over the new song Soko terming it despicable. ” Do these perverted producers have children? How does a sane adult try to normalize rape, prostitution or pedophilia in the name of gengetone hits? The video Soko by ethic is despicable immorality that should be condemned by all right thinking people.” He tweeted.

The video was later taken down from You Tube following a complaint filed by the KFCB board. Pleased to report that the video by Ethic had been taken down, Ezekiel Mutua tweeted that the board will take up the matter with security agencies to ensure that the culprits face the law for promoting defilement of girls.

The apology by Ethic however did not go as planned as Mutuas tweet shows. And I quote ” So @ethicofficial issued this statement late last night ostensibly apologizing for their despicable song “Soko” which obviously promoted pedophilic culture. Now listen guys, you will have to face the full force of the law as provided for in the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222.”

This threatens the music career of the young singers.

In the recent past Ethic has had three of it’s songs; Lamba Lolo, Tarimbo and Figa pulled down from You Tube over the same vulgarity and immorality laced lyrics.

In simple terms I would describe their situation with a kiswahili Quote. ” Asiyesikia la mkuu huvujika guu.”

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  1. I don’t know whether I pity them or not but am grateful about the conservative nature of most Kenyans . Being open minded is awesome but it doesn’t equate to silence when bullshit is spewed . They should face the music…it’s great to have an example out of irresponsible behaviour you know.

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