During a parliamentary sitting April 29th 2020,speaker Justin Muturi is heard scolding Kamukunji Member of Parliament for shift of sitting position during the session.

Full of bile and unwarranted outbursts, Muturi adamantly tells off Yussuf Hassan to relocate back to his his earlier position,a reaction which fellow lawmakers seemed unhappy with.

Is such arrogance from the speaker sign enough of an inner bred dictator in him? In as much as he’s the moderator and thumbscrew to fixing situations, he should be considerate.

With composure,calm and rightward expression, Kamukunji MP explained that all MP’s should be treated on a level ground for they are all elected.

“I understand the circumstances we’re going through, but I think there should be some consideration for MP’s…I’d like to be assured that we’re all equal, and there isn’t a lesser MP in here.” Said Yussuf Hassan.

Dear Kenyans, was the speaker bothered by the position an MP addresses the house from,or did he have deep rooted issue with Yusuf Hassan?A minor show off but an overly communicated message right there.

Speaker Justin Muturi is a sympathizer of the deep state. As it goes,nothing and absolutely nobody will stand on their way.The state will treat you as scumbags and direct you down the drain unapologetically!

If an MP can be handled in that manner,where do you belong,the hoi poi of this nation?

We’re all doomed!

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