The devastating effects of terrorism are visible to everyone across the world.

Statistics show a grim picture. Thousands have lost lives. Countless individuals maimed and many more paralysed by fear.

From the scorched deserts of Somalia to the scenic escarpments of the Kenyan Rift Valley. The sun-soaked dunes of Iraq. The once vibrant air of American freedom. Terrorism fever and its steady onslaught has plagued all.

And like a stubborn stain on a boy’s white shirt, it has become impossible to overlook.

The terrorists operate in anger and malice. Working with detailed and well-orchestrated schemes. These trends depict terrorism as one of the most feared and loathed activities in the world.

Media coverage is awash with heartbreaking news-scary catastrophies experienced by many. Makes one question the sanity of people. Is there a speck of humanity left in these anarchists in this time of dispensation?

But even more horrific is the devastation left in the wake of terrorists’ planned murder. The horror of mutilated bodies strewn all over leaving a nauseating stench of decomposing bodies. A revolting sight of spilled blood that gives a living impression of hell.

Covid-19 is a perfect illustration of terrorism in the world. A pandemic that has affected the whole world. As we all know this virus is from a bat. No sane human just randomly eats a bat. Meaning it was generated from a laboratory and probably tested in humans. Unfortunately it found its way out of the lab and spread in Wuhan then to the whole world.

A question that the whole world should probably be asking China is that; was this intentional? Was it there plan to make the world suffer economically and turn to them for assistance?

What is the root of all this?

Now this is what we call Boardroom terrorism! Where a few like minded individuals decides to mess aroun with the entire world.

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