Every Thursday morning I walk through the village on my way to town. Considering my tight schedule all through the week, this is the only one day that am always free.

I tend to meet with friends alot, mostly young teenagers. Some, old friends with bad drinking habits.I am not judging but personally I do take daily consumption of cheap liquor as a sign of hopelessness and loss of direction.

So today as part of my walk schedule, I decide to join a youth kamkunji. It’s a very active kamkunji with discussions majoring on making their lives better. I even manage to get a chance to look into their weekend plans. Very fascinating plans.

As they conclude their meeting, One member states that they should have a party afterwards.” we only live once and it’s time to enjoy and drink by organizing a party.” He shouts.

Curious, I ask the number of drinks that shall be served. And with vigour and psyche he replies, “pesa iko bwana hata mbao itamake tu.”

Well lets do some calculations here. Assume that they shall take the comrades mziga (chrome 750ml ) which goes for roughly 500 on the lower side that multiple by 10 Comes to a cool 5000 being wasted on drinks in one day.

Well if you think he is the son to a money maker or politician then you are wrong. The guy in question happens to be the only son to a single mum who struggles to put meals on the table and pay for his fees.

Another young adult in the kamkunji tells how he will sponsor girls for photoshoot, swimming and lunch. Well doing that is not bad if you have made it in life but why do it if you don’t even have a bicycle to your name?

I walk away looking into the future of a poor continent that still sows poverty seeds. Think about it. What if that 5000 shillings wasted in a day could have been used to do some small money generating activity. What a profit could have been there. Or even that lunch sponsor savings his money to buy a blender and start making organic juices. Stop and think of where we would have been as a people, country or continent.

The word “saving” is a non existing vocabulary among our youths who can drink and have sex the whole day comfortably and if it exists, then its among the 1% .

Well I am not against people spending money because it is crucial for the flow of money but it is absolute foolishness to overspend on what you can’t generate. Come on fellow agemates money should work for you.

I know we live in a drinking nation but if we want to stop poverty inheritance and give your children a dignified life start saving, investing and spending wisely.

Some must be asking sir but where can we invest if we don’t have land, enough capital and skills? Well use my policy, “I may not have enough money to build and empire but adding a shilling to my network is laying a foundation to my future empire.” Buy shares, invest in treasury bonds etc.

Let’s change out lifestyle and priorities.

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